How a New Fence Installation in Leland and Landscaping Can Become BFFs

Congratulations! You’ve built your dream home in the charming coastal town of Leland, NC. Now comes the exciting part: transforming your bare yard into a beautiful and functional outdoor oasis for your family to enjoy. Landscaping and fencing play crucial roles in achieving this, and when planned thoughtfully, they can create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

The secret weapon?  The ultimate power couple of outdoor design: fencing and landscaping. When these two besties work together, they create a backyard that’s not just secure and private, but also a feast for the eyes. Buckle up, dream-home homeowner, because we’re about to turn your backyard into a showstopper.

Fence First: Choosing Your Backyard Bodyguard

First things first, your new fence installation. It’s your backyard’s bodyguard, keeping out unwanted critters (furry or otherwise) and defining your personal oasis. But a fence can be so much more than just a barrier! So, how do you find the one that’s perfect for your backyard?

Firstly, think about your house’s vibe. Does it rock a classic shingled roof? A picket fence in crisp white will sing “Hello, neighbor!” with a touch of nostalgia. Is it a modern abode with clean lines? A sleek metal fence screams sophistication. The Fence Whisperer: A Day in the Life of a Wilmington Fence Installation Expert

Now that you have a look in mind, consider the material. Wood is timeless but needs some TLC like your favorite pair of jeans. Vinyl is low maintenance, like that friend who always remembers your birthday. Metal is strong and sleek, perfect for the minimalist in you. Stuck? Don’t worry, Element Fence Company, a Leland, NC fence company, can help you pick the perfect match!

Planting Power: BFFs for Your Fence

Now that your new fence installation is guarding your backyard fort, let’s add some plant pals! Here’s how to choose greenery that complements your fence and creates a backyard dream team:

Achieve Harmony With Height

Imagine your fence as a tall friend – you wouldn’t want your short BFF feeling lost next to them, right? Use taller shrubs for tall fences, while shorter fences love low-growing buddies like groundcovers. Balance is key!

Color Coordination with Your New Fence Installation 

Let’s get creative! Plant vibrant flowers that pop against a neutral fence, or use calming green foliage to soften a dark one. Think sunshine yellow blooms next to a white picket fence or imagine lush ferns cascading down a brick wall.

Texture Can Play an Important Part

Don’t let your plants be a one-trick pony! Mix things up with spiky yuccas adding drama to a smooth wooden fence or flowing ornamental grasses softening the look of a metal one. Think of it as a backyard fashion show – textures are your runway accessories!

Leland’s Plant Picks: From Beach Vibes to Backyard Bliss

Leland’s sunshine and coastal charm mean you have a whole plant party waiting to happen! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Wood Whisperers 

Climbing vines like jasmine or clematis will add a touch of romance to your wooden haven. Feeling classic? Climbing roses offer vibrant blooms and timeless elegance.  For a pop of color, go for flowering shrubs like azaleas or hydrangeas.

Vinyl Vanguards

Evergreen shrubs like boxwoods or hollies add a clean, sophisticated touch next to your vinyl fence. Want a splash of color? Perennial beauties like coneflowers or butterfly bushes will do the trick. Ornamental grasses with their flowing forms are perfect for a modern touch.

Metal Matchmakers

Climbing vines like morning glories or wisteria can soften the industrial edge of a metal fence.  Feeling low-key? Plant low-growing shrubs with colorful foliage for a contrasting effect.  For a minimalist vibe, ornamental grasses like maiden grass or fountain grass are your new best friends.

A Beautiful New Fence and Its Plant Partners: Go Even Further

Ready to level up now that your plants and new fence are in harmony? Consider walkways, patios, or retaining walls. These elements create transitions between your fence and landscaping, like stepping stones leading to a hidden garden. Choose materials that match your fence, like natural stone for wood or pavers for metal. Additionally, outdoor lighting does wonders! String lights along a wooden fence for a whimsical touch or use spotlights to highlight interesting plants or architectural features. Think fireflies dancing in your backyard paradise!

Ready for a finishing touch? Weatherproof furniture, add colorful throw pillows to your outdoor space, and a cute little birdbath for good measure. 

Transform your Backyard With a New Fence Installation 

Well, friends, we hope we have given you some food for thought on personalizing your backyard haven.  Remember, creating your dream backyard doesn’t have to be a solo mission!  Element Fence Company, Leland’s trusted fence company, is with you every step of the way. 
From helping you choose the perfect fence style and material to offering advice on plant selection and hardscaping, they’ll ensure your backyard BFFs work seamlessly together.  So, ditch the blank canvas and embrace the possibilities with a new fence installation!  Give us a call or click to schedule an ALWAYS FREE quote today and watch your Leland backyard transform into the envy of the neighborhood!

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