Should You Spruce Up Your Leland Abode with a Vinyl Fence Installation?

Living in Leland, North Carolina, is pretty darn idyllic. You’ve got the inviting coast nearby, the bustling city life of Wilmington a short drive away, and that quintessential small-town charm that makes you feel right at home. But something is missing… your backyard feels a little, well, exposed. Maybe the neighbors have become a bit too friendly with your petunias, or perhaps your four-legged escape artist is constantly testing the boundaries of your invisible fence (spoiler alert: they lose every time). Whatever the reason, it’s time to consider a fence – but not just any fence, a new vinyl fence!

Now, before you envision a picket fence straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, vinyl fencing offers a whole different aesthetic that’s perfect for the modern Leland resident. But is it the right choice for you? Let’s grab a glass of sweet tea, sit on the porch swing, and dissect this fence business together!

A Vinyl Fence Installation: The Low-Maintenance Looker

Let’s face it, living in Leland, NC is all about enjoying the good life. It would be best if you didn’t have to spend your weekends wrestling with a power washer to remove layers of gunk from your old fence. Vinyl fencing is the ultimate low-maintenance champion. It weathers the elements beautifully, resisting fading, chipping, and cracking – all thanks North Carolina sun!  And forget about spending hours staining or painting – vinyl comes in various colors that won’t bleed or peel, so you can relax and enjoy that cookout with friends.

Durability Reigns Supreme

Think a vinyl fence Installation is flimsy? Think again!  High-quality vinyl fences, like the ones offered by Element Fence Company (we’ll get to them later!), are crafted from strong, weather-resistant materials that can withstand the occasional bump from a rogue soccer ball or a playful pup. They’re also surprisingly easy to clean – a quick spray with the hose is all it takes to keep your fence looking spick and span.   So, you can say goodbye to termite troubles and rotten wood woes – vinyl stands strong, year after year.

Privacy Please…or Not!

Maybe you crave a backyard oasis, a place to unwind after a long day without feeling like you’re on display. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of styles, including privacy fences that offer complete seclusion. Picture yourself curled up with a good book on a comfy hammock, completely hidden from the outside world – pure bliss! But perhaps you’re a social butterfly who enjoys a friendly chat with the neighbors over the fence. Vinyl fencing also comes in picket styles that provide a touch of separation while still maintaining that neighborly connection.

Endless Aesthetic Options

Gone are the days of boring, builder-grade fences. Vinyl fencing comes in a vast array of colors and textures that can complement any Leland home’s style. Want a classic white picket fence with a modern twist? No problem. Craving a rich, wood-grain look that adds warmth and character? Vinyl offers that too, without the actual upkeep of real wood. So, you can unleash your inner interior designer and create a backyard that reflects your unique personality.

Consider These Fencing Factors Before You Leap

Alright, vinyl fencing sounds pretty fantastic, right? But before you start digging post holes (leave that to the professionals!), here are a few things to consider:

Know the Rules In Your Area

Leland, like many towns, has regulations regarding fence height, placement, and style. A quick call to the town offices or a visit to the Town of Leland website will ensure your fence is up to code and doesn’t cause any unwanted surprises.

Property Measuring and Sizing 

Measure your property lines carefully before you embark on your fencing adventure. This will not only help you get an idea of the amount of fencing you’ll need, but it will also prevent any potential encroachment issues with your neighbors (remember, good fences make good neighbors!).

DIY or Hire a Pro for Your Vinyl Fence Installation?

While vinyl fencing is generally considered easy to install, it’s still a project that requires time, effort, and skill. If you’re the type who prefers to relax with a beverage in hand while someone else tackles the home improvement projects, then hiring a professional fence company like Element Fence Company is the way to go.

Element Fence Company: Your Leland Vinyl Fencing Experts

If you’ve decided that a vinyl fence is the perfect way to elevate your backyard and want us to get started on your free quote, simply contact us today. If you simply want to brainstorm about turning your backyard into a beautiful reality, we’d love that too! Our entire team here at Element Fence Company is standing by to help you, our valued Leland homeowners, with beautiful, long-lasting fences that add value and enjoyment to your property.

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