Weathering the Upcoming Hurricane Season: Fence Preparation Tips From a Fence Company in Hampstead, NC

Remember Florence? Few in Hampstead will ever forget the fury of 2018’s Hurricane Florence.  The storm’s unprecedented power left a lasting mark on our community, reminding us all of the raw power of nature and the importance of preparedness. As the Carolina sunshine warms us once again, and June 1st marks the official start of hurricane season, it’s a crucial time to shift gears from relaxation to proactive measures that can safeguard our homes and loved ones.  One often-overlooked element of hurricane preparation is your fence – that vital line of defense standing guard around your Hampstead property.

This blog post serves as your guide to preparing your fence for any inbound storm. We’ll explore the potential dangers hurricanes pose to fences, discuss preventative measures, and offer helpful tips to ensure your fence survives the storm.

The Hurricane Threat to Hampstead Fences: A Triple Whammy

Hurricanes are nature’s temper tantrums, unleashing a destructive combo of powerful winds, heavy rain, and flying debris. Here’s a breakdown of the specific threats:

High Winds: The Fence Takedown Artist

Imagine this: hurricane winds howling like a banshee, tearing through your neighborhood. For a weak or improperly installed fence, it’s a recipe for disaster.  Loose boards become missiles, rocketing through the air and potentially causing damage to your property or injuring someone. Leaning posts, already struggling to stay upright, become dominoes waiting to fall, taking entire sections of your fence with them.  A strong foundation and secure installation are crucial to ensure your fence can withstand these powerful gusts.

Debris Impact: A Hurricane’s Unwanted Guests

Hurricanes are notorious for their messy entourage of flying debris.  Think branches ripped from trees, unsecured furniture from neighboring yards, or even stray barbeque grills – all potential battering rams against your fence.  Flimsy or poorly constructed fences simply won’t stand a chance against this onslaught.  Imagine the disappointment of returning home after the storm to find your once-pristine fence riddled with punctures, cracks, or even completely demolished by a rogue object.

Heavy Rainfall: The Silent Saboteur

While wind and debris grab the headlines, don’t underestimate the power of heavy rain during a hurricane.  Incessant downpours saturate the ground, turning firm soil into soggy mush. This can loosen the grip on your fence posts, particularly for wooden fences.  Without proper drainage around your fence, the foundation weakens, leaving posts vulnerable to leaning or even complete collapse. The result? A fence that once stood proudly guarding your property now lies sprawled on the ground, a victim of the storm’s hidden threat.

Preparing Your Hampstead Fence for Hurricane Season:

By taking preventative measures before hurricane season arrives, you can significantly increase your fence’s chances of withstanding the storm. Let’s take a look at some key things to consider:

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Start by performing a thorough inspection of your home’s fence line. Look for loose boards, rotting wood, leaning posts, or any signs of damage that need repair. Address these issues well before hurricane season begins.

Strengthen Your Foundation

Ensure all fence posts are firmly anchored in the ground. For wooden fences, check if the posts are rotted or loose. Consider reinforcing loose posts or replacing damaged ones.

Secure Loose Boards: Tighten any loose boards or panels on your fence. For fences with screws or nails, ensure they are securely fastened.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Overhanging branches from nearby trees can become flying debris during a hurricane. Trim overhanging branches around your fence to minimize the risk of damage.

Clear the Area Around Your Fence

Remove any objects or loose items from around your fence line. Grills, patio furniture, or even yard tools can become projectiles in high winds and damage your fence.

Consider Storm Bracing

For particularly vulnerable fences or in areas prone to strong winds, consider installing storm braces. These temporary supports provide additional stability during a hurricane.

Engage a Fence Company in Hampstead, NC

Having a local fence expert in fence installation and repair is part of any pre-storm plan.  They will access your existing fence, identify any weaknesses, and recommend solutions to ensure it stands strong against the elements.

Beat the Storm With The Expert Fence Company in Hampstead, NC 

As a trusted Fence Company in Hampstead, our entire team at Element Fence Company is standing by for fence installations and repairs, is always here to answer the questions you have.

Before the storm, our team offers free consultations to assess your fence and discuss your options. Our experienced team will recommend repairs, and reinforcements, or even discuss fence replacement options to ensure your property is secure- and If your current fence needs immediate attention, we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently.

After the storm, Element Fence Company offers a wide range of fence repair services, including storm damage repair. Our experienced professionals can assess the damage to your fence, recommend appropriate repairs, and get your fence back in top shape quickly and efficiently.

Don’t wait until a storm threatens! Contact Element Fence Company by clicking here to schedule a free consultation and fortify your Hampstead haven.

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