Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Element Fencing Company, and we’re here to make your property more functional and beautiful by providing high-quality fencing. We understand that it’s easier to trust someone when you know them; that’s why we want to share a bit about who we are, why we’re passionate about this business, and what we bring to the table when it comes to quality fencing.

Meet The Padgetts

Jody and Mallory are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo with extensive skills and experience in fencing. They love their company, they love their country, and they love working alongside their kids to provide great service in Wilmington and the surrounding areas.

Mallory is both an owner and a business management expert; she uses her experience working for a large construction company to keep our operations running and our customers happy. Co-owner Jody is a military veteran, and he has construction and fencing expertise that ensures your fence is sturdy enough to last for years.

The Padgetts are passing on their legacy by including their children in the family business: their son works with our staff as we tackle fencing projects, and their daughter helps maintain our social media presence. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Why Our Customers Choose Us

At Element Fencing Company, our customers are everything to us. Because we see our clients as family, we provide you with both top-notch fencing and the highest level of customer service.

When you work with Element Fencing, here’s what we do for you:

  • We answer the phone when you call. When you call Element Fencing to ask a question or address a concern, we answer all your questions in a friendly, professional way and meet your needs as promptly as possible.
  • We do consultations for free. When you schedule an appointment with us, we go above and beyond asking you a long string of questions over the phone. One of our associates comes to your home, measures your yard, and discusses possible fencing options at no cost to you.
  • We provide your estimates on-time. Our staff is trained to give you your estimate within 1 business day of your consultation. To make the process easier for you, we generate estimates and invoices online so you can easily access your pricing information and make payments.
  • We finish projects within six weeks. To put that in perspective, most fencing companies take twelve to sixteen weeks to finish a fence. When you choose Element Fencing Company, we show up every day until the project is one hundred percent done.

Now that you know what we do for you, here’s a list of what we don’t do:

  • We don’t make you wait. We do answer your questions, we provide your estimates on time, and we work continuously on your project until it’s done. You’re a busy person with lots of things to worry about, so we make sure you never have to worry about your fence.
  • We don’t do bland, cookie-cutter fencing. When you call us for a free consultation, we measure your yard and create exactly the design you want. We may have to make adjustments based on material type, how level your property is, etc., but we keep track of every detail and make sure you’re always in the loop.
  • We don’t sneak extra fees onto the invoice. At Element Fencing Company, we’re firm believers in transparency. If we foresee any additional costs or fees, we make sure they show up on your estimate so you don’t get an unwelcome surprise on your invoice.
What Makes Us Different

We’re not your average fence installation and maintenance company. We get the job done in six weeks instead of the normal twelve to sixteen, we pride ourselves on customer service and professionalism, and we make every part of the project easy for you, from free consultation to easy online payment.

Our company slogan is “we nail it” because we get the job done right the first time, every time. We work hard to take residential fencing to the next level. Regardless of what type of fence you need for your home, we do whatever it takes to ensure your fence provides beauty, functionality, and a sense of security within your yard.

Whether you’re in the market for a wood fence that captures rustic charm, a vinyl fence that exudes understated elegance, or an aluminum fence that pairs aesthetics with durability, you can count on us. We handle multiple fence styles and provide stylish, elegant, and long-lasting fences that cater to your property’s needs.

The Value of a Good Fence

Why are we so passionate about residential fencing? We believe that a fence is more than just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Here are the three reasons we believe every homeowner in Wilmington and the surrounding counties would benefit from a quality fence.

  • Fences provide a sense of security. If you have young kids, or if you own a dog who likes to run after squirrels, a well-built fence designed by experts can prevent them from going somewhere unsafe. Also, if we build you a taller fence, it helps you keep unwelcome people off your property. The result: your kids and pets can roam free in a yard you know is safe for them.
  • Fences create privacy on your property. A fence that partially or fully obscures your neighbor’s view into the yard helps create a sense of closeness and belonging. Whether you’re hosting a big family reunion or a quiet cookout with your closest friends, having a fence around your yard helps create the sense of privacy you need to feel comfortable.
  • Fences add an element of beauty. No matter what function you want your fence to serve, even the simplest of designs can elevate the appearance of your home. A picket fence adds quaint suburban charm, a wrought-iron fence exudes timeless elegance and class, and a split-rail fence lends a sense of openness to your space.
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