Wood fence installation in North Carolina

For years, wood has been the go-to choice for privacy and other types of home fencing. Today, there are several other materials on the market to choose from. Those options include both vinyl and metal fences, and we provide installation options for all three types across our region. However, wood fencing remains a timeless and highly popular choice.

Finding a fence company that can provide timely service can be challenging. Often, wood fence companies will quote a homeowner upwards of sixteen weeks for installation. Who wants to wait that long? That’s why at Element Fence Company we strive to complete all of our wood fence installations in less than six weeks. Plus, we’re able to provide other types of fencing services, including wood fence repair for your existing installation.

There’s a lot to unpack with wood fencing, with the first item being the most simple question of all: Why choose wood over other types of fencing?

Why choose wood fencing?

To be clear, both vinyl and metal fencing are just as high-quality as their wood fencing counterparts. All three types can make a great addition to your home. However, those who opt for a wood fence frequently choose to because of a stylistic preference.

As we mentioned, wood fencing is timeless. Whether your home was built in the 1920s, in the 21sts century, or is somewhere in between, a wood fence adds several key elements to your property.


First, wood fencing will blend in seamlessly with your outdoor aesthetic. Picture a lush, green lawn with several large trees across the yard. A wood fence simply feels right in a place like this.

Multiple Benefits

Wood fencing also has many benefits. Just a handful of those include:

  • Durability.
  • Affordability.
  • Sustainability.

What styles do you have to choose from?

A common misconception in the fencing industry is that wood styles are relatively limited. However, skilled fencing installers can provide a homeowner with multiple styles of wood fences to match your vision and home design.

The five most common wood fence styles are a privacy-focused fence, a shadowbox wood fence, the well-known picket fence, a solid panel wood fence, and split rail stylings.


Privacy fences are customizable in height, and the slats are individually installed side by side to create perfect privacy.

This type of fence goes beyond setting the boards in a line; it staggers the boards to create a three-dimensional effect.

Picket fences add a touch of quaint suburban charm to any property, and you can customize their height, color, and the shape of tips.

Large sections save time over traditional methods. Boards are placed tightly together for privacy but only come in two heights.

This style is easy to install, rustic in appearance, and best for decorative and agricultural settings.

What types of wood are best for building a fence?

A common misconception in the fencing industry is that wood styles are relatively limited. However, skilled fencing installers can provide a homeowner with multiple styles of wood fences to match your vision and home design.

The five most common wood fence styles are a privacy-focused fence, a shadowbox wood fence, the well-known picket fence, a solid panel wood fence, and split rail stylings.


Cedar is resistant to insects and rotting due to its natural properties. It is a popular fencing material but more expensive.

Once pressure-treated, pine can be a very durable fencing material. This also helps to make it a low-cost option for homeowners.

Like pine, spruce can be highly durable once treated. Choose spruce if you plan to paint your finished fence.


Cedar is by far the most durable, but pine and spruce can be pressure-treated to make them last much longer than they normally would.

Benefits of Wood Fencing in North Carolina

Let’s break down the benefits in more detail. First, wood fencing is durable. As it is a natural material, it can withstand the impact of the elements as long as it’s well-maintained. From heavy rains to high North Carolina winds and more, our homes are constantly exposed to whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way each day. Properly treated wood fencing can easily withstand this wear and tear.

In addition, wood typically has a lower up-front price point than aluminum, vinyl, metal, and other forms of fencing. While the other materials are great choices, the cost of wood often helps to make this style of fencing a more affordable option for Carolina homeowners.

Wood fencing is also extremely versatile in how you can customize it. Since wood is a porous material, wood fences can be either painted or stained any color to match your home’s decor. Plus, they’re easy to decorate; you can make your fence more you with hanging planters, seasonal lights and decorations, and more!

Finally, wood fencing is environmentally friendly. With an increased focus nationwide on sustainable behaviors, wood fencing is a small yet important way to contribute to green initiatives.

Things to Keep In Mind

When considering what type of fencing is right for your home, there are a handful of things to keep in mind. The first is upkeep. To reiterate, wood fencing is highly durable and good for the environment. However, it’s worth noting that without preventative measures, wood fencing can weather quicker than other materials. This is primarily due to a mix of precipitation, humidity, and the sun’s rays. Repainting, restraining, and taking other steps to prolong the life of your fence can help ward off environmental effects. 

If you’re a busy homeowner and unsure if you’ll have time for annual wood fence repairs, no problem. We can help with that too!

Wood fence services in Wilmington, Surf City, Hampstead, and more!

When you need experience, our team is there to help. We offer both wood fence repair and new wood fence installation across our region!

Wood fence installation in just 4 to 6 weeks

Are you wondering how long the average fence install can take? With some companies, it may be upwards of 16 weeks. Fencing installers are often busy, which is why we work hard to surpass our customer’s expectations. Most of our jobs are completed in just 4 to 6 weeks, far less than half of the time it takes the competition to complete a similar job!

Wood fence repair in North Carolina

As a wooden fence begins to age, it’s only natural that it will need some upkeep. This can include replacing any damaged boards, power washing discolored panels, adding a new layer of paint, or staining as needed.

Wood Fencing Frequently Asked Questions

Our extensive experience in the fencing industry means that we’ve encountered a wide range of questions. To help you make an informed choice about your new fence, we put together this short FAQ about wood fencing.

What is the average cost of a wood fence?

Average costs can sometimes be hard to calculate. As a brief example, wood materials rose in price dramatically due to low supply and increased demand during the pandemic. And while local market prices can sometimes cause variations as well, the size of your property can also be a factor. It’s always a good idea to reach out to our office to request a free quote while planning your budget.

First, you should know your property lines. The last thing you want to do is install your new fence on your neighbor’s land. Next, make sure to call before you dig the hole for your first fence post. Making a quick call to 811 means that your utility companies will come out to your home and mark off where their buried lines are on your property. Finally, it’s a good idea to speak with your neighbors to let them know your plans so that they don’t feel taken back when construction begins.

Fencing installers across North Carolina all follow a relatively standard process. First, each of the above items we mentioned should be completed by the homeowner. Next, contact our team to get an estimate and put together the plans for your new fence. After that, we’ll take care of the rest, including installing your posts and connecting fence pieces, testing your gates, spreading dirt, and of course cleaning up!

Although it goes without saying, your wood fence installation from Element Fence Company will come with our satisfaction guarantee. Each member of our team will treat you with the care and professionalism that you deserve.

Yes we do! One of our professionals will visit your home, consult with you about your needs, and then perform the appropriate measurements of your property. After that, we’ll send the estimate to your email inbox within one business day!

Providing wood fence installation in New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, and Onslow Counties

When you’re looking for a fence company in New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, and Onslow Counties, you’ve come to the right place. Element Fence Company is one of the most well-known and highly-respected wood fence companies around. As a veteran and family-owned and run business, our team has well over twenty years of experience in the industry. Our promise to you is that we’ll be here whenever you need us — whether it’s for wood fence repair or new installations — with a smile and professional attention to detail every time!

When you need a fence company, turn to the experts at Element Fence Company. Contact us below to get your free quote today!

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