Why You Should Consider Our Aluminum Fencing Services in Hampstead, Wilmington and Leland NC!

Although a lot of homeowners love the durability and elegance associated with wrought iron fencing, there’s actually a lighter, cheaper alternative that’s just as functional and beautiful: aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is much easier to work with than wrought iron, and its overall affordability makes it a much more viable option for North Carolina homeowners. Aluminum fences are known for being eco-friendly, inexpensive, low maintenance, durable, and easy to install. There are multiple reasons why you should consider our aluminum fencing services, and below we’ll be delving deeper into how this could be the right fencing material option for you and your property.

Because you can get the exact same longevity and beauty as a wrought iron fence, while spending considerably less, aluminum fences are often the go-to option for homes and businesses throughout the Carolina coastline.

Here are some of the key factors that you should keep in mind if you’re considering an aluminum fence for your next installation project!

Common Advantages of Aluminum Fencing

Whenever you’re replacing an old fence and installing a new one, one of your biggest decisions will be the material of your new fence. Fence material can ultimately determine many crucial aspects of ownership, including potential maintenance, overall longevity, and installation costs.

A lot of homeowners in Hampstead, Wilmington, Leland and throughout the surrounding coastal area opt for aluminum fencing over PVC, wood, and other common materials. Below are some of the reasons why so many people consider aluminum fencing to be an incredibly appealing option!

Getting Classic Aesthetics For An Affordable Cost

Aluminum fencing looks very similar to steel and wrought iron models, but it’s actually much more lightweight and doesn’t require as much specialized installation production. This subsequently means that aluminum fencing is a fraction of the cost as compared to these other decorative metal options.

Because aluminum is roughly one-third of steel fencing’s weight, it’s also a lot easier to transport and install at any property. This reduced weight ends up lowering not only just material costs, but labor costs as well.

Compatible With Most Residential & Commercial Properties

A lot of homes and businesses along the Carolina coast are established on uneven or hilly lots, and our region also has a unique, sandy soil complexion that can make fencing installations more difficult. It’s possible that some fencing materials simply won’t be compatible with your property’s layout, but aluminum fencing is widely known as a rackable material.

This means that aluminum fences are more easily adjustable to properly fit within just about any topography, and you won’t have to worry about any gaps along the bottom of the fence either. Grading is sometimes necessary for fencing installations, but it’s less likely to be necessary when a property owner invests in aluminum materials. 

Eliminating potential gaps keeps properties safer and more secure from potential intruders and animals, and avoiding any grading construction and landscaping can dramatically reduce your fence installation costs!

Added Security

Aluminum is also a smart fence material choice when security is one of your top priorities. Although all top-quality fences do provide a solid sense of security, there are some materials that are easier for intruders to work around. A common example of this would be chain link fencing, which can be cut by potential thieves who own the right tools.

But with aluminum fences, you won’t have to worry about these types of burglary concerns as much. This is because aluminum fences are generally much harder to climb, and they’re nearly impossible to cut through.

Aluminum fences are known for being eco-friendly, inexpensive, low maintenance, durable, and easy to install.

Resistant To Corrosion

Many metal fence installation projects have to keep the finish and base materials in mind regarding the possibility of corrosion, but aluminum is one of the least vulnerable options when it comes to corrosion. Unlike steel, you won’t need to worry about rust with an aluminum fence. 

The main distinction between aluminum and steel when it comes to potential corrosion is that steel is ferrous, and aluminum isn’t. This means that aluminum will react much less to moisture buildup. Additionally, although your aluminum fence will still require a protective finish, you won’t need to worry about preventing and treating rust development.

Easy Maintenance

Aluminum fences are also one of the most low-maintenance fencing materials in today’s marketplace. They’re considerably easier to take care of as compared to wood fencing—which requires routine painting and refinishing—because aluminum fences never actually need a new protective coating. 

Properly taking care of your aluminum fence only requires clearing away any nearby debris as it eventually builds up. This type of debris buildup is also relatively harmless, because it generally only consists of twigs, leaves, etc.

Your Southport, NC property deserves a fence that enhances its charm & privacy. Element Fence Company is your trusted partner for premium fencing solutions

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Aluminum is one of the most eco-friendly fencing materials, because it’s incredibly recyclable. And for property owners that really want a sustainable fence, they can invest in recycled aluminum materials. But even if your new aluminum fence isn’t made of recycled metals, your fence will ultimately be easily recyclable once it has eventually reached the end of its lifespan. 

And because you won’t need to worry about consistent refinishing or painting, you’ll reduce your overall usage of harsh chemical finishes.

Versatile Aesthetic Appeal

Another huge benefit of aluminum fencing is that it comes in many different colors. 

Although a lot of home and business owners like traditional black fencing, we’ll be able to source a wide range of colors from our suppliers to match your preferences. From beige to green, we’ll help you find the perfect hue to match your property.

FAQs About Aluminum Fencing

It’s perfectly normal to have plenty of questions when you’re considering a new aluminum fence installation at your property, and although you can always contact us online to speak directly with our seasoned industry experts, we’re also providing this list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you out:

Can I attach an aluminum fence to a column or my house?

All of our aluminum fences come with panels that feature rail-ends, which can easily attach to homes, brick columns, and all sorts of other existing posts. Rail-ends technically are small aluminum brackets that have two holes, which can securely attach to a wall or column. 

We can also help you with state-of-the-art, adjustable wall mounts, which can swivel and allow for mounting up to a 45-degree angle.

What’s great about working with Element Fence Company is that we offer free estimates, which includes a consultation appointment with one of our professionals. 

Our technicians will come to your property, conduct many different measurements, ask you questions about your fencing preferences and budget, and then provide you with their expert advice to help guide you towards your best investment decision.

Most of our aluminum fence sections can rack around one foot over their six-foot span. This is something that property owners with steep hills and inclines should be concerned about, but our aluminum rails allow for greater picket movement as compared to standard fencing rails. We also offer a heavy rackable section, just in case your property has very steep inclines!

Yes, all aluminum fence installations include fully assembled gates and sections, so our team will show up to your home ready to get the ball rolling right away!

We offer a wide variety of colors for our aluminum fencing clients. This includes forest green, bronze, white, black, and beige. Please speak to our team to obtain approximate color samples.

Standard caps are included with our fence posts, and we also offer decorative ball caps that can be purchased for an additional cost.

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Our team is here to help provide you and your property with a beautiful, high-quality fencing installation that’ll last for decades to come, and we understand how important it is to put your trust in reputable professionals like our team. That’s why we’re so incredibly proud of our company, and our Yelp and Angie’s List reviews are a trust testament of our commitment toward unparalleled customer service. 

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